Two Core Technology of IR Remote

When it comes to negotiate the price, IR remote seller says that the product is very cheap while the buyer always argues that it is too expensive. However, the seller’s profit level may close to 0%.There are 2 reasons. Anyway, we should not only talking about the profit but also should taking technology into consideration. We Yangkai remote may not offer the lowest price on market, the root cause is that we continuously invest in R&D. As a result, our remote control is better than others in quality. Follow me to understand the two core technology of IR remote.

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Generally speaking,IR remote has 2 parts. One part is for transmission. The main component of this part is infrared emitting diode. It is a special diode in which the material is differ from common diode. Certain level voltage will be added at both ends of the diode so that it launches IR light instead of visible light. Currently, the IR remote on the market uses the diode which transmit IR wave length at 940nm. The diode is same with common diode except for color. Some IR remote manufacturer may not master this technology well. If the IR wave length is unstable, the remote’s signal transmission will be affected. Another part is for receiving signal. Infrared receiving diode plays a role in such function. Its shape is round or square. Backward voltage needs to be added, or, it can’t work. In other words, infrared receiving diode requires reverse utilization for higher sensitivity. Why? Because of low transmission power of infrared emitting diode, the signal received by Infrared receiving diode is weak. To enhance the power receiving level, finished Infrared receiving diode are used widely recent years.

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finished Infrared receiving diode has 2 types. One using steel sheet to shield the signal. The other one is using plastic plate. Both have 3 pins, VDD,GND and VOUT. The pins’ arrangement is depends on its model. Please refer to instructions provided by manufacturer. Finished Infrared receiving diode has a advantage, users can use it easily, without complex testing or enclosure shielding. But, please pay attention to carrier frequency of the diode.

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Post time: May-11-2021