LG IR Remote AKB75095308 AKB73715601 AKB75055702

LG IR Remote AKB75095308 AKB73715601 AKB75055702

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Product Code: YKR-018

LG AKB75095308 AKB73715601 AKB75055702,etc.

Suit for LG TV.

Original remote quality. One for One.

IR radiation radius is lager.

Perfect touch feeling.

No programming is needed, easy to use.

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Replacement Remote Control for LG-TV-Remote All LG LCD LED HDTV 3D Smart TV Models


1. Compatible Models: It is applicable for your LG Smart Universal Controls AKB75095307 AKB74475401 AKB74475433 AKB73975702 AKB75055701 AKB73975711 AKB73715608 AKB74475401 AKB75375604 AGF76631064 AKB74915324 AKB73715601 AKB75095308.

2. High-grade remote control, suitable for LG LCD LED HDTV 3D Smart TVs.

3. Farther transmitting distance, stable performance. Replaces your damage or old one and covers all the functions of the original remote.

4. Small and compact size makes this remote control easy to grip and uneasy to slip. Easy to use, No programming or setting up required.

5.Suitable for :

for All Vizio LCD LED Smart HDTV TVs XRT112 XRT122 XRT136 XRT500 XRT010 XRT020 XRT100 XRT132 XRT133 XRT134
XRT135 XRT140 XRT300 XRT301 XRT302 XRT302-U XRT303 XRT503 XRT510 XRV1D3 XRT4TV XRV1TV
D24F-F1 D24F-G9 D24H-G9 D32F-F1 D32F-G4 D32H-F0 D32H-F1 D32H-F4 D39F-F0 D39F-F1
D40F-F1 D40F-G9 D43-F1 D43F-F1 D43F-F2 D43FX-F4 D48F-F0 D50-F1 D50-F501 D50F-F1
D50X-G9 D55-F2 D55X-G1 D60-F3 D65-F1 D65X-G4 D70-F3 E32-D1 E32H-D1 E40-D0
E43-D2 E43-E2 E43-F1 E43U-D2 E48-D0 E48U-D0 E49U-D1 E50-D1 E50-E1 E50-E3 E50-F2
E50U-D2 E50X-E1 E55-D0 E55-E1 E55-E2 E55-F0 E55-F1 E55U-D0 E55U-D2 E60E-3 E60-E3
E60-F3 E60U-D3 E65-D0 E65-D1 E65-E0 E65-E1 E65-E3 E65-F0 E65-F1 E65U-D1 E65U-D3
E70-D3 E70-E3 E70-F3 E70U-D3 E75-E16 E75-E3 E75-F1 E75-F2 E80-E3 E80-F3 E80U-DE
M50-D1 M50-E1 M55-D0 M55-E0 M55-F01 M60-D1 M65-D0 M65-E0 M65-F0 M70-D3 M70-E3
M70-F0 M70-F3 M75-E1 M80-D3 P50-C1 P55-C1 P55-E1 P55-F1 P55RED-F1 P65-C1 P65-C1
P65-E1 P65-F1 P75-C1 P75-E1 P75-F1 PQ65-F1 V505-G9 D24F-G1 D32F-G1 D32H-G9
M437-G0 M507-G1 M557-G0 M558-G1 M657-G0 M658-G1 P659-G1 P759-G1 PX65-G1
PX75-G1 V405-G9 V435-G0 V435-G1 V436-G1 V555-G1 V556-G1 V585-G1 V605-G3 V655-G9
V656-G4 V705-G1 V705-G3 V755-G4 D70F3 M556-G4 M656-G4 M706-G3 D500I-B1 
D650I D650I-B2 D650I-C3 D6501 E24-C1 E28H-C1 E231I-B1 E241I-A1 E241I-A1W E241I-B1
E280I-A1 E280I-B1 E291I-A1 E320FI-B0 E320FI-B2 E320I-B2 E320I-A2 E320I-B0 E320I-B1
E320I-B2 E390I-A1 E390I-B0 E390I-B1 E390I-B1E E400I-B2 E401I-A2 E420-A1
E420I-A0 E420I-B0 E480I-B2 E500D-A0 E500I-B1 E500I-B1E E502AR E550I-A0 E550I-A0E
E550I-B2 E550I-B2E E551D-A0 E551D-A0 E551I-A2 E600I-B3 E650I-B2 E700I-B3
E650I-A2 M420KD M470VSE M550VSE M650VSE M470VS M550VS M650VS M43-C1 M49-C1 M50-C1 M55-C2
M60-C3 M65-C1 M70-C3 M75-C1 M80-C3 M322I-B1 M422I-B1 M492I-B2 M502I-B1 M552I-B2 M602I-B3 
M652I-B2 M702I-B3 P502UI-B1 P502UI-B1E P552UI-B2 P602UI-B3 P652UI-B2 P702UI-B3 RS65-BL RS65-B2 Remote Control

6. Function Button:

image001POWER:Press to turns the TV on and off

LIST: Access the saved Channels list

VOL+/-: Adjusts the volume.

CH+/-: Changes Channels.

FAV:Access your favorite channel list

MUTE: Cut off the sound temperately.

image002Accesses the “ NETFLIX” online services.

image003Amazon: accesses the amazon.

BACK: return to the previous step.

Exit: exit the menu

SLEEP: Accesses the sleep timer

COLOR Button: Short Cut keys for interactive functions.

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