Two core technologies of infrared remote control

Two core technologies of infrared remote control
When purchasing an infrared remote control, no matter how cheap the remote control is said by the supplier, the buyer will also say that your remote control is very expensive, but they do not know that the supplier has already sold the remote control for nothing.Of course, all this is partly due to profit and partly due to technical strength. YangKai infrared remote control may have some products that are more expensive than the remote controls on the market. The reason is nothing more than our yangkai technology research and development investment is higher, our product remote control technology is naturally better than other ordinary remote control, the quality will be more guaranteed.Why do you say that? The editor will briefly talk about the two core parts of the wireless infrared remote control and you will understand.
Generally speaking, the structure of wireless infrared remote control has two parts:
The first part is the launch part. The main component of infrared remote controller is infrared light emitting diode. But it is actually a special light-emitting diode, but its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, so it needs to apply a voltage at both ends so that it emits infrared light instead of visible light. At present, the infrared remote control on the market uses a large number of infrared led infrared wavelength of 940nm, and the shape is the same as that of ordinary light-emitting diodes, but the color is different.The same manufacturer in the modulation because the technology is not up to standard may lead to wavelength instability and affect the signal transmission of wireless infrared remote control.
The second part is the receiving part. The main component of the receiving part is an infrared receiving diode, which is generally round and square.In practical application, it can work normally if the infrared receiving diode is added with reverse bias, that is, when the infrared receiving diode is applied in the circuit, it can obtain higher sensitivity.
The reason: because the infrared light emitting diode transmitting power is generally small (about 100mW), so the signal received by the infrared receiving diode is relatively weak, so it is necessary to increase the high gain amplifier circuit, in recent years, most of the products

are used infrared receiving head.

There are roughly two types of packaging for the finished infrared receiver: one is shielded by iron sheet; the other is plastic packaging. All have three pins,  namely power positive (VDD), power negative (GND) and data output (VOUT). The pin arrangement of the infrared receiver varies from model to model, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. The advantage of the finished infrared receiving head is that it does not need complicated debugging and shell shielding, and it is very convenient to use as a triode. But pay attention to the carrier frequency of the finished infrared receiver.

Post time: Sep-07-2021